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Attention (Not Trust) is the Currency of Business (and Sales)

Sales For Founders & CEOs

May 2021

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Scaling Sales Newsletter. (Thank you for signing up when you downloaded 6 Keys to Build a High-Performance Sales Team!)

Every month I send you three ideas on strategy and tactics that you can use to lfind and win more customers andead your revenue team.

Attention (Not Trust) is the Currency of Business

1. What to Think About This Week

Prospects won't become your customers until they pay attention to you. How do you capture your prospect's attention? The most effective way to capture future customers' attention is to tap into what they're paying attention to right now. How? Answer the question "What are the top 2-3 problems your customer is grappling with today or should be addressing right now?" Focus your sales and marketing messages on their biggest problems and you'll get the meeting and an opportunity to help them solve their problems. More here and here.

2. What to Do This Month-Tactics

Salespeople, Founders who sell & Solopreneurs

We're halfway through Q2 2021. If you have a six-week sales cycle then any new deals that start after mid-May probably won't close until next quarter!

Action Plan-Identify the deals that could close this quarter and identify a)the next thing that needs to happen to advance the deal i.e. The prospect needs to decide if they want a proposal and b)your next action to advance the deal i.e. I need to schedule a call with the prospect to determine if they want a proposal. Do it this week!

Sales Leaders

Action Plan-Clean up the deals in the sales pipeline. Identify the "Zombie" deals (the Walking Dead deals that have aged past their time they should have closed), mark them LOST and put them into a nurture campaign. Focus on getting clean data on your deals to make your pipeline and forecast accurate.

3. What to Do This Quarter-Strategy

Salespeople and Leaders

Are you ahead or behind your plan for the year?

Ahead for the year? Congratulations! What's your plan for the rest of the year? How much can you exceed your 2021 goal? Stretch!

Behind for the year? There's still time to make it up and exceed your sales goals. What activities and resources are needed to catch up and jump ahead on your revenue and new customer plan?

Don't have a plan yet? Set your revenue goal for 2020 and start making and executing your sales plan.

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