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CEOs: Pinpoint and Fix
Stuck Sales

Use Our 5-Step System to Prioritize Your Focus, Hit Your Sales Goals and Get Back to Leading Your Company

The Three Questions Every Founder and CEO Has to Answer  to Scale Sales

The key three questions that every innovator faces launching and scaling sales at their company are:

How do we find new opportunities beyond referrals, word-of-mouth and our LinkedIn network?

The unlock code to finding new prospects and opportunities is a three part formula - Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

The right message is a simple, focused statement that addresses at least one of your ideal customer's top 3-5 business and professional issues that, if solved, would create enormous value in terms of time, money and/or reducing friction in their business or personal situation.

The right person is the person who is responsible for the problem and can create the budget to solve it.

The right time for your prospective client is either right now because its a top-of-mind issue for them or you need to make it the right time by pointing out an issue or vulnerability that they should be addressing but aren't.

How do we sell more deals, hire a team, and run sales?

Once you're able to generate leads then you have to convert them to clients.

Clients make the decision to work with you based on their reasons, not yours.

The simplest way to engage with your clients in the sales process is to position your company, product and solution as the ideal bridge that takes them from where they are to where they want to go, with the urgency to do it today.

To be the bridge for your clients, you need to create a sales process that addresses, improves and influences your client's decision process.

With the sales process in place, you can build a sales team knowing who can best talk to you customers problems and influence their decision process.

How do we scale sales into a predictable, repeatable machine?

Once you have a working sales process that's tested with a few sales people its time scale. 


Scaling sales requires the right people, processes and systems working together in a repeatable and predictable way to find and win new customers. 

At this point, you'll delegate the responsibility for sales performance to a sales leader and rely on the sales process and systems that have been developed and documented along the way to grow sales!

Would you like more details on scaling sales in your business?

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Scaling Sales for Founders & CEO's

  • Lead your team
  • Make the numbers
  • Own sales growth
  • Lead your team
  • Make the numbers
  • Own sales growth
Fractional VP Sales
  • Grow sales in one sales cycle
  • Achieve sales goals
  • Have a solidly built & MOTIVATED sales team
Sales Training
  • Advance live deals the same day
  • Increase close rates
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Fix sales problems fast
  • Build a high-performing team
  • Accelerate revenue
  • Immediate expert advice

Customer Success Stories

Rob DAmbrosia Headshot.png

Rob D'Ambrosia, Founder & CEO

Ctuit Software

Steve’s sales leadership and insight was critical to growing sales 7x in 36 months leading to the successful sale of the company.

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