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Meet Steve


I'm Steve Johnson and I build, train, coach and lead sales teams to have repeatable success and higher close rates that significantly increase company revenues.

Why I Started Scaling Sales

I started Scaling Sales to create the sales resources, education and community that I needed as a founder, salesperson and executive to grow sales and get answers to my questions for day-to-day, tactical and complicated strategic sales issues that I couldn't get.  There is a lot of noise and unnecessary complexity in sales.  What I needed was information and skills that focused on fundamentals and principles that could be easily applied to sales situations.  It needed to be simple, practical and able to be put to use immediately to find deals, lead people, increase sales and win deals in a scalable, repeatable way.

What You Get

Customers who work with me have straight forward processes and systems to hire, onboard, train, coach, and keep high performance salespeople.  They use these systems to turn initial sales traction into sales growth, make a great performing team even better, and turn-around flat or under-performing sales teams into productive ones.

Because the framework I've developed is based on first principles and fundamental techniques your sales and leadership can apply it quickly to solve and resolve almost any sales challenge, both in the moment and for long-term success.

What works and what doesn't varies between markets, companies, teams and buyers.  You'll receive a customized approach based on your company, team, solution and target market so that you get very specific, tangible results.

How We'll Work Together

Every successful engagement and action starts with a clear picture of where you are, the most urgent problems and where you want to accomplish.  


We'll work together in 4 simple steps:

Step 1

Depending on the issues, we'll spend between 1 hour and 1/2 a day together to unpack the problem and identify root causes to define it as crisply as possible.

Step 2

You'll share your sales goals in terms of sales production, people, performance, and the target date that you want to accomplish them by.

Step 3

We'll make the plan and review it with you until you feel it will lead to success.

Step 4

Together we'll implement the plan with clear guideposts, transparent progress and completion milestones.

If this is how you like to work let's find out how you might benefit.

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