A Simple Plan for a Successful Week

Dieter Rams ( ) belief in "Less, but better" design created products that "just worked" and influenced design that has changed the world through his work at Braun and those who were/are inspired by him such as Jony Ives and Steve Jobs.

If you've held an iPhone you've experienced his influence.

His work includes focusing on the essential and removing the unessential. In a word, focus.

What are your essentials for the week?

If you're not already doing it, take a few moments on Sunday night or Monday morning and write down the top three things for the week that, if accomplished, would create the most impact for you professionally.

Then put them on your calendar.

Then do them!

Completing three significant initiatives, projects or action items will more your business and career forward faster than a week spent chasing administrative duties and trivia.

Focus and go!

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