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Act With Initiative!

"We can always think clearly, respond creatively. Nothing can ever prevent us from trying. Ever." Ryan Holiday, The Obstacle is the Way

Giving a prospect or customer information just because they ask for it is passive, lazy and could be counter-productive to advancing a deal.


It's bad if you don't know why the information is important to the customer because you don't know if you've answered their question since you don't know the question.

What's worse is when the customer or prospect asks for information and they don't know how it's going to advance the decision process and move the deal forward to a decision.

What can you do?

Demonstrate some initiative.

As you move through your conversations with customers or prospects capture what you hear your prospect saying and what you both agree to will be the solution.

Deliver it to them in a simple document, two columns or a page of bullet points.

Ask them if these are all of the things.

If you do this you'll take the initiative, help them organize their thinking and advance the deal with a document they can organize their thoughts around.

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