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CEO Sales Unboxed #001 - Clarity Crushes "Capabilities"

1) The Concept: Clarity Crushes "Capabilities"


Capabilities are defined as features. Features are the things our solution, product or service does.


Clarity in messaging makes clear to your prospect or customers the advantage to them for choosing your solution, product or service.


Messages about your capabilities explains what your solution, product or service does but places the burden on your client to work out why it's in their best interests to choose you.


Talking about their advantage for selecting you sidesteps this work resulting in a faster decision to your ask for a commitment, initial call or a fresh look.


Talking about capabilities gives your prospect or client homework.


Clarity does the hard work for them.


2.1) The Example


At some point in your career you've had to endure a SaaS or software demo that is essentially a speed run of features that starts off like this:


"Let me show you a demo of our inventory system and I'll show you its key features . . ."




"Let's make sure we understand the problem you want to solve and then we will step through how you could use our system to solve it, step-by-step, to control food costs and increase profits."


This approach is clear, effective and show why what you do matters:


You can apply this approach to any sales situation.


I've seen my clients apply it across all sales formats, B2B & B2C, in simple and complex sales, to great success.


2.2) Start Doing This


Pick the top 1-3 key places where your customers make decisions about you and your value. Think about touch points like your website messaging above the fold on your home page, your LinkedIn profile, sales presentation or advertising.


Audit your messages for clarity and advantage to the customer.


Start telling them why you matter.


2.3) Stop Doing This


Stop talking about what you do. (Only talk about what you do in the context of solving your customers problem)


(Greg B, I can't wait to hear your comment on this :)


3) Parting Thought


"Communication is always understood in the context and experience of the receiver - no matter what was intended." Edward De Bono, from his book, Simplicity.

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