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Newsletter June 2021 - If Your Sales Process Isn't Winning Enough Deals, Fix It!

Sales For Founders & CEOs

June 2021

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If Your Sales Process Isn't Winning Enough Deals, Fix It!

1. What to Think About This Week

"Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets." *attributed to W. Edwards Deming

A sales process is the list of what you need to do and say at every step of your customer's decision process to advance the deal.

If your win rate is low troubleshoot your sales process to focus on solving your customer's problems.

Don't have a written sales process yet? Write it!

2. What to Do This Month - Tactics

Salespeople, Founders who sell & Solopreneurs

This is the last month of Q2 2021.

Only 21 working days in June.

Your goals are to close every deal you can this month and position for a strong start to Q3.

Action Plan

Priority #1-Identify the next steps for any deals that can possibly close this month. Schedule them. Do them.

Priority #2-Identify the deals you'll target to close in July and list the steps that need to happen for each deal to meet their July close date.

Sales Leaders

At the end of June, the year is 50% over.

Are you ahead or behind of your plan to make your 2021 goal?

Action Plan

Ahead of Plan? Congratulations! Keep building a buffer to guard against a soft Q3 or Q4.

Behind Plan? Make sure your CEO and stakeholders are heads-up about the possible miss and communicate your plan to fix it next quarter.

3. What to Do This Quarter - Strategy

Salespeople and Leaders

The focus of month 3 of the quarter is about doing and planning.

Do - Close every deal you can by the end of the month.

Plan - What absolutely needs to happen this month and in July to maximize sales in Q3?

Good luck! Push hard. Finish the quarter strong!

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*attributed to W. Edwards Deming but more likely it originated with Earl Conway and Paul Batalden

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