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Scaling Sales For Founders & CEOs - November 2021

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"Happy New Year!"

1. What to Think About This Week

The holiday season can be a joyous time of year!

It can also be professionally stressful with the competing priorities of wrapping up the business year, preparing for the next year and coping with the demands and joys of the holidays.

There are at best 38 business days left in 2021.

Nine Friday's from now we'll be wishing each other "Happy New Year" and marveling over how it's 2022 already.

As your opportunity days(TM) dwindle prioritize your time so that you're taking advantage of your biggest opportunities, professional (and personal!).

Do everything you can to wrap up all of your available opportunities in Q4 and seed the ground for a successful 2022.

2. What to Do This Month - Tactics

Salespeople, Founders who sell & Solopreneurs

The three things you need to do this week and execute on this month are . . .

#1 - Identify your biggest prospects

-What is their stage in the sales process?

-What needs to happen in order for the deal to advance to the next stage?

#2 - Biggest ops for 2022

-What are you top 3-5 opportunities for 2022?

-What can you do this month to lay the ground work and start/increase your trajectory to achieving them asap in 20220?

#3 - Plan for your personal renewal (family & friends)

-What's your plan to down-regulate, relax and re-connect so that you're ready and motivated to pick up your work again in January?

-What are the key 3-5 conversations and experiences you would like to have between now and the end of the year with your friends and family?

-Plan them. Make sure they have room in your calendar and that they happen!

Sales Leaders

November is a short month for your team.

Pipeline discipline is key especially in the last 8 weeks of the year.

Focus on the deals that are able to close this year. Push stalled deals to nurture status and deals that slip into next year.

If you haven't made your 2022 recruiting plan you're behind the power curve. Make your plan and start working it. It's harder than it has ever been to hire right now and you need all of the runway you can give yourself to find the right people for your team.

3. What to Do This Quarter - Strategy

Sales Leaders

Q4 is short because of the holidays . . . and you can accomplish a massive amount in the 38 days that are remaining.

Make the most of them!

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