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"The Goal is to Keep the Goal the Goal!"

Scaling Sales For Founders & CEOs

July 2021

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The Goal is to Keep the Goal the Goal!

1. What to Think About This Week

"The Goal is to Keep the Goal the Goal." Dan John, Strength Coach

Regardless of their level of success, everyone struggles with maintaining tight focus in the face of distractions.

Accountability is the key to recognizing lost focus and regaining it.

Where has your focus waivered? Write your action plan and do the next thing!

2. What to Do This Month - Tactics

Salespeople, Founders who sell & Solopreneurs

July is the first month of the second half of 2021.

Every day from here until the end of the year more productive time is behind you than is ahead of you.

Are you ahead or behind for the year?

Your goal is to fill your pipeline with enough deals that could close this quarter so that either a)you've caught up if you're behind or b)you're maximizing the time left in the year to grow your income by overachieving your sales goals.

Action Plan

Determine how far ahead or behind you are, identify how many new prospects you need to speak with to make your goals, and make your plan to talk to them in the next 30 days.

Sales Leaders

The halfway point in the sales year is the right time to evaluate if your team is going to make their yearly number and determine your headcount needs to make your number next year.

Action Plan

Ahead of Plan? Congratulations! Keep building a buffer to guard against a soft Q4 or Q1 2022.

Behind Plan? Who are the weak performers that need to be replaced? What is your plan to replace them?

3. What to Do This Quarter - Strategy

Sales Leaders

2022 Hiring - It can take 3-6 months to hire new talent and 6-9 months for them to be producing at full quota. Who do you need to hire this month & this quarter to have them operating at full production by Q3 2022 and still make your 2022 sales goal?

Good luck! Push hard. Finish the quarter strong!

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