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What Will They Think? Doing the Right Thing

Effective Founders, Executives and Salespeople think, act and execute. They work smart and hard.

Less effective one's mistake worry for thinking, delay what needs to be done and never take the time to really understand the right actions of this moment and future in the first place.


A lack of clarity caused by some form of perfectionism, fear of success or fear of failure which are all similar flavors of ice cream that we eat because they taste better than the vegetables of getting the right things done for our prospects, clients, staff and ourselves.

For reasons that we probably don't understand and that are often beyond our conscious control we delay.


We don't want to look bad to our peers, or ourselves. We don't want to fail publically.

What's the cure?

Ryan Holiday wrote about it in his bestselling book, The Obstacle is the Way, "When action is our priority, vanity falls away."

The key is to take ourselves out of the equation and focus on action.

Do what needs to be done based on what is real, not on how we wish things would be.


Start with your clients needs. Put them at the center.

This creates clarity.

And build from there.

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